Breakthrough Article:

How To FINALLY Get Shredded Without Having To Eat Nothing But Grilled Chicken And Broccoli For Every Meal…

It’s True – Discover How To Finally Get Six-Pack Abs Without Having To Cut Your Carbs, Eat Salads, Or Force Yourself To Eat Nothing But Grilled Chicken And Vegetables With Every Meal…

Dear friend,

Have you ever tried in the past to get shredded all in the hopes of revealing your abs for the summer time?

How did that go for you?

What type of diet did you follow?

Were you able to keep up your strength levels for the duration of your diet? Were you hungry at all?

And did you achieve the neck-snapping six pack abs at the end that you envisioned in your mind from the start?

Well if you’ve tried in the past and failed miserably…

Or even achieved some level of small success…

But want more. A lot more...

I am talking absolutely pealed abs and obliques like only the guys about to walk on a bodybuilding stage or prepping for a fitness shoot....

Then keep reading…

Because the truth is that traditional dieting dogma has robbed you of your ability to get ripped while still preserving your muscle mass, strength, energy and testosterone levels

And let’s not forget – wasting YEARS AND YEARS in the prime of your life…hoping, wishing and praying for the sixpack you desperately want to see staring back at you in the mirror each morning when you wake up.

There’s an epidemic spreading across the internet – I call it the Bunny Diet and it’s destroying your metabolism – making it nearly impossible to ever achieve low bodyfat levels…

Here are a few symptoms of “this” diet…

(Regardless of your age or training program)

  • Mid-day energy crashes & lack of focus in the gym
  • Weak muscle pumps
  • A slight increase in lower belly fat
  • Extremely flat and depleted muscle bellies
  • Significant decreases in strength and muscle mass
  • Seemingly endless weight loss plateaus

And before you go and suggest that it’s your genetics that make it hard to lose your lower belly fat and love handles …please understand that bone structure, body type, nor genetics can defy the laws of energy balance.

The “Information Age” And Over-Night Internet Trainers are Killing Your Muscle, Sabotaging Your Metabolism, Making You Fatter and selling you every new fat loss technique under the sun – but they’re failing to fix the REAL problem.

So if you’ve ever been told that you need to…

  • Eat Clean
  • Consume 6 meals a day
  • Avoid "simple carbs"
  • Or avoid carbs after 7pm

Then you have been a victim of uneducated “it-worked-for-me” advice that is keeping you fat (and weak) and it’s the underlying reason you have not lost ANY fat in weeks (or even months…or years!). In Short – Following these outdated diet strategies, regardless of your training program, could be causing you to lose muscle, gain fat, and waste away precious time you could be spending getting stronger while achieving a shredded midsection.

Now before you get upset and curse everyone who has ever given you bad advice…

There Is Good News!

You can stop wasting away weeks, months, and even years in the gym by implementing these 3 simple and proven diet strategies and start torching off pounds of fat without losing your strength and muscle mass…and you won’t even have to change your workout routine.

Fat Torching Strategy #1

Descending Energy Balance

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I can’t lose lower belly fat no matter how lean I get”…

You’re DEAD wrong!

There is one way and one way ONLY to ensure we are eating enough to melt off fat, week after week, without worrying about ending up scrawny and weak.

  • No matter your metabolism
  • No matter your genetics
  • No matter your body type
  • No matter how high your body fat
  • No matter your workout program
  • And no matter your activity level

You WILL burn fat (and maintain muscle mass) if you can do one thing, every day.

If you can decrease your energy equity…

Do this wrong and end up losing strength, muscle mass, and your sanity.

Do it RIGHT and start torching body fat practically on demand without worrying about losing your muscle tissue in the process.

Fat Torching Strategy #2

Precise Macronutrient Distribution

It's not about...

  • Eating 6 meals per day
  • Consuming “healthy” foods
  • Avoiding Carbs
  • Eating tons of protein
  • Timing carbs around your workout
  • Or eating low fats

It's about precise macronutrient distribution...

If you fail to follow this strategy, you WILL lose more muscle than fat.

If you’ve ever “bulked” and then “cut” only to realize you made zero muscle-gains, then you know what I mean.

This is caused by unintelligent macro-distribution

Perfect this formula and ensure you are losing fat (not muscle), consistently, without having to carry Tupperware around with you to parties or suffering from anxiety anytime you eat a tasty treat.

Fat Torching Strategy #3

Strategic Overfeeding

Running on depleted glycogen levels is like a driving a NASCAR until the tank is empty before making pit stops to refuel…

It’ll still run, but you’re going to permanently damage the engine over time and the car will no longer be usable for high performance racing…

Strategic Overfeeding while cutting is like making the right pit stops at the right time so you can continue to perform at a high level…

You’re going to burn more fuel while never letting yourself permanently damage your metabolism…

The 3 Fat Torching Strategies Above Are Simple, Effective And Powerful – So Much So That You Can Implement Them Today And Start Noticing Results In As Little As 7 Days

Just Close Your Eyes and Imagine This for A Second…

  • The ability to torch body-fat at the flip of a switch.
  • Maintaining your strength and even crushing personal records in the gym while you lose weight.
  • Insane, eye-popping sixpack abs that look shrink wrapped.
  • Having the ability to get as shredded as you desire and maintain visible abs 365 days per year.
  • And never again have to worry about binging on the weekends or losing sight of your sixpack.


And naturally all my buddies and gym friends started asking questions (some making accusations) about what I was on…if I was taking anything…

Obviously I wasn’t on any special supplement – I Just started implementing these 3 fat torching hacks above just like I showed you…

And the best part is you can do the same and have identical, if not BETTER results…

Results that you’ll be able to see and feel each morning when you look in the mirror…

Results that’ll have your own friends, buddies, and family members jealous of your success…

And results that you can finally be proud of…


So because of this, I decided to make it drop-dead simple for anyone to replicate this fat burning breakthrough because I know others might have the same problem…

The problem that plagues millions of trainees across the world with their “ability” to achieve single digit body-fat levels without losing their strength and muscle mass…

And if you feel that maybe you might be one of the guys in this close-circle…

Understand it is not your fault because today the wool has been lifted up over your eyes and the truth is starring at you right here, right now.

And if you’re thinking you’re too young or too old to see changes, please understand that no matter you’re situation, you can always do something to get shredded through diet. And you can start today, right now.

That’s why I went ahead and created The Shredded Meal Plan Guide

But before we get into it, let me tell you what The Shredded Meal Guide is not…

  • It’s not some cookie-cutter, BORING AND BLAND meal plan packed with chicken and broccoli meals.
  • It’s not full of complicated formulas that leave you guessing what foods to eat and when.
  • It’s an easy, done-for-you solution to burning fat, consistently, no matter what workout program you are on - and eliminates all the guess work…

Component #1

This guide includes basic principles and instructions for making adjustments, tracking your progress, being flexible with your diet, and much more.


Component #2

This powerful software provides you with personalized macro distribution that ensures you are consuming the right amounts of the right foods without having to calculate another long and painful formula.

Component #3

These meal plans have been strategically laid out using a formula that guarantees proper macro-distribution and dissenting energy equity. (From 120 LBS - 200+)


Follow the 3 quick start steps in the Shredded Meal Guide and notice results within the first 7 days!

  • Sleeve-ripping pumps in the gym.
  • Increased vascularity.
  • Animalistic strength gains (They’ll never believe you’re natural).
  • Consistent preservation of lean muscle mass.
  • Tight and vascular lower abs.
  • Plus more!

Here are some of the powerful strategies and tricks you’ll discover with this amazing system…

  • 1

    The PERFECT macronutrient formula to consume for rapid fat loss and strength gains without worrying about losing your muscle mass in the process.

  • 2

    1 SIMPLE solution that will ensure you are losing weight, every single week, without losing inches off your arms.

  • 3

    A food substitution strategy that allows you to stay on your meal plan EVEN if you’re missing certain foods.

  • 4

    The flexible dieting strategy that will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods in a calculated fashion so you never have to have a “cheat day” again.

  • 5

    An easy to follow, done-for-you nutrition system designed to have you torching lbs of fat without ever succumbing to the dreaded “weight-loss plateau”.

Now because you’re here today and we’re celebrating the release of this powerful system, I want to make this an absolute no-brainer for you.

The Lean Mass Meal Plan package is a clear cut, tried and true, scientifically backed system for building muscle even if you are on the most basic of training programs. You’ll never have to ask yourself “am I eating enough food?” or “am I eating the right foods?”

Simply put, this is 100% FAIL PROOF!

With The Lean Mass Meal Plan package there will be no guessing and no deciding “what should I eat?”…just a dynamically planned nutrition program proven to pack on size to your frame, pounds to the bar, and all while keeping your abs all year long.

And to make this an even sweeter deal for you – I am including these 3 special value-added bonuses for absolutely NO COST.

Special Bonus #1: The Reverse Diet Guide ($27 Value)

Did you know that there is a very specific window of opportunity for building slabs of muscle in record time that only opens for a short amount of time following an extended period of dieting?

This is known as the anabolic rebound effect when your body is primed for laying down new muscle tissue for a short period of time if and only if you strategically reverse diet into your growth phase.

Special Bonus #2: Metabolic Burst Training ($17 Value)

This is the ultimate metabolic resistance program shown to rev up your metabolic rate and have you burning calories up to 24 hours after a session. Did I mention these sessions can be done anywhere from the office to the privacy of your own home, with little or no equipment, in just 10 minutes?

Special Bonus #3: 14 Day Extreme Shred ($17 Value)

This is a 2 week guide to achieving your best body. A step by step, day by day walkthrough of everything from drying out to carb depleting, carb loading, and filling up those muscles for a solid, vascular look.  Do you have a cruise, beach day, or any other event you want to look your best at? Follow this guide 14 days prior and present your peak physique, every time!

Regular $47, Today $29

Still Not Convinced!!!

Here is how confident I am in this program…

I am including a 60-Day, hassle free, Money-Back Guarantee if you decide at any point within the first 60 days that this program is not working for you. I don’t care if you simply don’t like the font of the text I used, I will refund the entire amount, no questions asked.

And if that wasn’t enough – if for any reason you feel this program is not for you and you decide to take me up on my 60 Day Guarantee – you can keep the 3 bonuses as a parting gift from me to you.

Regular $47, Today $29

Here is to transforming your body

Take care,

Alain Gonzalez

Author, Bony to Brawny

Author, Mass In A Flash

Certified Personal Trainer

Owner, Muscle Monsters LLC

Regular $47, Today $29