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Just Getting Started?

Have you ever trained with percentages? If you answered "No", then don't even think about jumping into Phase 1 of Project Hypertrophy! Run this 4 week intensity block to (1) find your training maxes and (2) get a little more acclimated to the intense training you will be enduring for the next 12+ months.

Ready to begin Project Hypertrophy?

Phase 1 - Max Effort: A high intensity 4 week training block periodized to pack on as much strength as possible in the shortest amount of time. Why would you want to get stronger if the goal is to build muscle? Because if you aren’t physically strong, muscle development is bound to suffer. Think of this program as building a house, this phase is where you construct the rock-solid foundation.

Nutrition Masterclass

Everything you need to know about muscle building nutrition - broken down into 3 short and easy to ingest videos.

Exercise Video Library

The P.H. exercise library. Familiar with these exercises? The tips and tricks shared inside will take them to a different level.

1 Rep Max Caclulator

P.H. is a percentage based training system. Need to find your training maxes? Click here and plug in your numbers to get started.

Hypertrophy Masterclass

Want to learn the science behind what actually produces muscle-growth? This masterclass gives you the scoop!

Mass Nutrition + Meal Plans

MASS Nutrition: I bet you are under the impression that if you don’t eat your 6 meals a day, you won’t build muscle. Or even worse, you’ll lose the muscle that you have worked so hard for. FALSE! Mass Nutrition exposes the real truth about bodybuilding nutrition and reveals a shockingly simple approach to eating for muscle mass without losing your abs. And it doesn’t matter if you want to eat 6 meals a day or if you only have time for 1-3 meals per day, as long as you follow the principles in Mass Nutrition you will build muscle without putting on any unnecessary fat.

Not interested in unlimited flexibility in your diet? That's fine too. For you, I have the Mass Meal Plans where every meal is laid out for you, removing all of the guess work.

Weight Gain Shakes

If you are finding it hard to meet your calorie needs, try a  smoothie recipes that you can make in less than 90 seconds.

Biomechanics Based Training

A library of training videos that explain the best ways to train each muscle group using it's individual functions and biomechanics.

Muscle Masterminds

An video series where we interview the leading experts in the world about muscle growth; muscle masterminds.

Coming Real Soon!

Currently working on some more awesome content for my Project Hypertrophy members! Keep an eye out on your email for updates.


  • The R.P.E. Scale
    The R.P.E. Scale

    Project Hypertrophy uses a percentage based training protocol for the main lifts. The secondary lifts, however, are based on Rating of Perceived Exertion. This document goes over all the details you'll need to know when selecting a weight to use during secondary exercises.


  • Motivational Muscle Building Story
    Motivational Muscle Building Story

    This is an in depth interview done for the Get Tube Fit podcast by Cornell Green. In this interview, Cornell dives deep into my muscle building journey.

  • Truth About Abs Training
    Truth About Abs Training

    This is an interview done by Dan Faggella where we dive deep into the truth about training and nutrition for developing a rock solid sixpack.

  • Dreamer or Doer? - Motivation
    Dreamer or Doer? - Motivation

    Are you a dreamer or a doer? This eye opening MP3 explains the difference between the two.

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