“Rumors Of Juicing Swirled Around Him As He Walked Into The Gym That One Morning…”

Hey it’s Alain here and I wanted to say congratulations on taking this first step in your muscle-building journey.

This one tiny little step will cause a ripple effect throughout your entire life for years to come all because you took action today.

And because you’re here right now, I wanted to share a special story with you…

Something that you might be able to relate too or know someone who’s gone through the exact same scenario below.

I Want You To Meet Marino


On the outside he seems just like a normal guy, with normal genetics and probably a normal job. Everything screams average and run-of-the mill with Marino…

But when he sent me this picture about a year ago, he was dying inside. He was craving for something more. He knew there was more that life had to offer him and it all started with a personal passion of his…

And that was lifting weights. But there was a problem with this…nobody took him seriously.

They Thought He Was A Joke

skinny-guyHis friends teased him. His girlfriend made fun of him. His parents told him to stop wasting his time and his co-workers mocked him.

Nobody could see how desperately he yearned to build his body into rock-hard granite.

They just couldn’t relate.

Does this sound familiar to you?

He also didn’t have any direction of what to do in order to build the physique of his dreams. He had the magazine articles like most guys, but those didn’t help one bit. He followed the routines of his idols and became grossly over-trained suffering numerous injuries and setbacks.

Marino, was just like 95% of the guys out there in gyms all over the world who workout for zero results. They’re the serial program hopper and supplement buyer who search high and low for the magical cure, potion or powder that’ll help them build muscle while getting ripped.

Little do they know about 1 tiny little secret that they’re missing from their arsenal…and this secret is found within each human being…

This Secret Can Be Found Inside Of You As Well

So after going through all this pain and frustration, Marino contacted me begging for help. Right away, I knew this guy was different. He had that fire inside that burned through with the words he typed in that first email.

He Had The Drive And The Grit To Be Successful

At first he wanted private coaching, but I knew he couldn’t afford my current ongoing rate of $147 per month.

So although he couldn’t afford this, we still came up with a plan to work together and make sure he saw results.

I slowly dripped out tips and tricks he could use in and out of the gym to finally build the physique he’s always visualized in his mind. The body that he desperately desired, but most importantly deserved.

And almost overnight he started noticing results. More results then he had in the previous year. Like the brakes inside of his body were finally released. He no longer believed in the term “genetic potential” that held him back for so long.

He gave up looking for permission to achieve the body that he visualized each morning when looking in the mirror. He jumped in feet first and let nothing get in his way.

He Was Taking Massive Action

This is very rare and a trait that only the most successful of all individuals on this earth possess. So as time went on, I gave him more help. We would switch up his program, tinker with his diet, and play around with his supplement regimen.

And again, as time went on Marino was achieving what he used to think was the impossible.

In The End He Was Almost Unrecognizable

  • He was benching close to double his bodyweight…
  • Dead-lifting over 400 lbs and squatting almost the same…
  • He added 16 pounds of solid mass to the scale and had to buy a completely new set of jeans and shirts.

Girls Couldn’t Help But Turn And Stare

And guys were giving him more respect. He started having the reputation in the gym of being “that guy” that everyone whispers about and secretly thinks he’s on “The Juice.”

All from just a tiny little decision that he made that one fateful day. He took a step forward, asked for help and took massive action.

Now I Do Have To Be Honest

His results were not an overnight success. This process took a few months to achieve and it was a constant process of tinkering and tweaking.

And let me say this outright, his results were born out of hard work, pure grit and determination. He never missed a workout, never missed a meal and stopped partying so much on the weekends.

He took his supplements on time, put the work in and reaped the rewards. This is something that all successful skinny to muscular transformations have in common. His program and eating plan was close to the same structure that I use in my own workouts and allowed me to overcome my once skinny, hard-gainer genetics as well.

So I knew that it would work and as you can see on this page, the entire process was a success.

This success, along with the 3,928 of other guys who’ve invested in my programs forced me to wonder how I could help even more individuals just like him blow past their genetics and finally build the physique they’ve always wanted.

So from the thousands of emails I receive each year and the hundreds of testimonials I’ve heard and read over the past few months, I decided that it was time to step the game up.

I knew that 97% of guys couldn’t afford the Premier Coaching Program at $147 per month so I had to come up with something just as powerful, but more affordable.

Plus, something that would allow me to work 1 on 1 with you on a daily basis and be there to answer any of your questions that come up.

I set out with a goal to help 10,000 skinny-hard gainers to build mountains of muscle and completely change their lives by the year 2017. A big goal, but something that can be achievable with the right type of system.

I locked myself in the office and for the next four months busted out one of the most powerful, physique transformation systems ever created. This is truly revolutionary.

Let me introduce to you, Project Hypertrophy.

Project Hypertrophy is the first ever 12 phase muscle-building system designed specifically for guys with average, or less than average genetics who crave to build mountains of muscle and gain herculean-like strength.

Each phase builds upon the previous phase, forcing your body to grow and adapt no matter what.

Say Goodbye To Snail-Pace Results And
Hours Wasted In The Gym

Now I have to be honest and tell you that Project Hypertrophy will not turn you into a beast overnight. I’d be lying to you if I said that was possible.

It’s also not a program chock full of complicated systems that would leave your head spinning nor something only created for the advanced trainee.

Project Hypertrophy started with the result of thousands of success stories from around the globe and how these guys achieved what most would say is the impossible without drugs or god-like genetics.

I broke down the most powerful hypertrophy and strength-based programs. I threw away what didn’t work and built a foundation upon concrete principles.

That’s why Project Hypertrophy is a system, not just another 28-day workout. It’s a full years worth of workouts designed for guys just like you. Twelve phases guaranteed to take your current physique from just average to neck-snapping.

Phases 1-4 - Foundation Training

Phases 1 -4 are the building blocks for future workouts. The powerful, strong, and solid foundation you’re going to be laying down with these 4 phases will catapult your recovery and force your body tobuild muscle faster than before. First, you’ll start out with max effort, which builds immense tensile strength for your tendons, ligaments and connective fibers. Preparing them for phase 2. Next you have metabolic efficiency, which causes adaptations within the sarcoplasm of the muscle cell. Allowing faster recovery in between sets and improving on mitochondrial density. Next up is max frequency. Here, you’re going to be pushing the envelope of what you can accomplish every 7 days. Hitting each muscle group 2-4x per week. And last, but not least, you’ll finish off this first block with hybrid training. This type of training is a combination of max effort, metabolic efficiency and max frequency. The best of all 3 worlds wrapped up into one powerful phase.

Phases 5-8 - Maximal Growth Training

For this block of training, you’re going to be increasing the intensity of your workouts. This is where the fun really begins. Now that you’ve laid a solid foundation down, it’s time to really crank it up a notch.

First up is power-hypertrophy. This is personally one of my favorite workouts. Imagine being able to lift heavy, to feel like a beast in the gym while stimulating sleeve-ripping muscle growth? That’s the beauty of power-hypertrophy. Next up is weekly undulating. This is adapted from the old Russian and Soviet weight-training systems in the early 60’s through the 80’s and later brought over to the United States. This is one of the BIG reasons why they would kick our butts in the Olympics. There training was bar none the best in the world and far more advanced than anything anyone ever saw.

From there, you’re going to jump into synergistic training which is one the easiest ways to increase the adaptation response inside of the muscle cell while increasing your metabolic rate without any extra cardio. Plus, the pump that you’re going to get during your workouts will increase the recovery process and give you that feeling of being a GOD when you look in the mirror. And last, but not least, you’re going to finish off this block of training phases with MAX VOLUME.

One of my favorite – max volume will push your body to levels you only imagined. There’s a good chance you will be slightly over trained at the end of this phase, but that’s okay because you’re setting yourself for the slingshot response. Once completed, you’ll take 7-10 days off from your training and allow your body to overcompensate. Giving you the ability to build muscle tissue while just sitting on the couch. It’s that powerful.

Phases 9-12 -Extreme Grit

This phase was fun putting together. It’s sadistic, hardcore and will test your fortitude. But if you can come out in the end (which I know you will), you’ll look, feel and be that much more muscular and stronger. You’ll finally become the animal that you always wanted. The guy in the gym that everyone secretly stares at out of the corner of their eye with whispering rumors that you’re on some secret sauce.

Are you ready for it? Let’s dig in.

First we’re going to start out with extreme frequency. It’s the same type of phase that you worked on during the first block of workouts but taken up a notch. Inside this phase, you’ll be hitting each muscle group 3-6x per week, pushing the envelope of recovery. Be sure to have your diet in order during this because you’ll need the calories and nutrients to recover.

Next up is extreme accumulation. Inside this phase you’ll be building upon the previous but jacking up the volume. Again, pushing the envelope. This stuff is no fluff and no B.S. From there, you’re going to cut down the volume a bit, but increase the intensity within your workouts. You’ll be employing all sorts of advanced torture techniques such as drop sets, rest pause reps, cluster sets, static contractions and more. These are designed to fatigue every single muscle fiber so nothing left is untouched.

And last, but not least EXTREME HYPERTROPHY! Can you smell the end? You’ve come this far so there’s no going back anymore. The last phase of workouts that will test your strength, grit and gusto inside of the gym. Give it all you’ve got in this last phase and leave nothing left in the tank because once you’re done, nobody will be able to recognize you!

Just Close Your Eyes And Imagine How These Results Are Going To Feel

You wake up one morning, look in the mirror and notice more muscle and definition popping through your skin in places you never had muscle before. Just imagine how you’re going to feel in the gym during your workouts.

Each rep you complete will be performed with the upmost intensity and dedication. You’ll feel every muscle fiber FIRE at the same time. You stare in the mirror and notice pulsating veins and rippling striations that were only once a dream.

Your libido and testosterone levels and vigor for life will skyrocket with every passing week and month. Your focus, clarity and mood are through the roof from the morning you wake up till when your head hits the pillow.

And let’s not forget the staggering amount of attention you will now receive from the opposite sex and the respect from your peers, friends and colleagues.

All of this is possible and achievable when you decide to become part of the Project Hypertrophy.

Now Here Are Just a Few Others Whose Lives Have Changed

You And I Are Not Done Yet

Because when you enroll today, you’re going to receive these fast-action bonuses below.

Without these bonuses, your results will be sub-optimal and that is something I cannot have for you. I care about your results and watching you achieve greatness.

Bonus #1 – Mass Nutrition + Mass Meal Plans (Meal Plan Bundle Graphic)


These Mass Meal Plans and Mass Nutrition Guide are the Yin to Project Hypertrophy’s Yang.

Nutrition is 80% of this game and this is where most guys stumble in their quest to go from dud to stud.

The training part is easy. Show up to the gym, force a response and leave. The other 80-90% of your time should be focused on consuming the right amount of carbs, calories, fats, and proteins to ensure recovery.

Without this, you’re going to dig yourself into a hole that you won’t be able to climb out of. Then you’ll blame the program or blame myself. End up quitting and hopping back on the muscle building merry go round.

And you’re here to put a stop to that type of excuse right now…right?

As you’ll notice, each meal plan is designed to take you from Point A to Point B as you progress through each phase of Project Hypertrophy. So just like your training program will always be evolving, your eating program must do the same…

This entire system could be sold for $97 or more, but yours today when you enroll as a Project Hypertrophy member.

And This IS Not Even The Tip Of The Iceberg

Bonus #2 – Inner-Circle Member Access


Along with the entire 12 phase system, the entire Mass Nutrition system and all the meal plans, you’re going to have access to private videos, articles, special guest interviews, supplement reviews, and much, much, more.

This top-notch content is only for your eyes’ and other Project Hypertrophy members. Nobody else. You will receive your own personal username and password to login. We’re a community of like-minded individuals who all take massive action and crave for results. We’re that serious.

Just imagine having access to some of the top minds in the muscle-building world. Being one of the elite few who is always up to date on the latest information.


Just Imagine How It’s Going To Feel To Apply This Information And Leave Your Buddies In The Dust With Jaw-Dropping Results?

I’ve left no stone unturned in creating this monster of a system, yet keeping it so simple that a 12 year old could figure it out.

But I must warn you…

Although simple, this system and everything you’re going to receive on the inside is the no holds barred truth. Project Hypertrophy is hard. You’ll be taxed to the end and pushed. But that’s how champions are made. They aren’t born. They’re created in the dark, in the gym, on the court when no one is around.

You’ll Suffer In Silence But Emerge The Beast That You’ve Envisioned In Your Mind For So Long

So if you’re going to be lazy, then I’m telling you right now this membership is not for you. We don’t want tire kickers inside ruining it for everyone else.

If you’re going to be negative and half-ass everything then again, this is not for you. Just click away right now. Excuses are a dime a dozen. Coming up with an excuse is easy. But what’s hard is putting the work in and every single successful skinny to muscular transformation has put the work in and left the excuses by the wayside.

And last but not least...if you’re not going to change your habits like refusing to stick to the eating plan; you’ll receive NO results. The only guys who can build muscle without worrying about their nutrition are the genetic freaks of the day. Baby steps is all that it takes to be successful. You’ll need to know how to cook a bit and prepare these meals ahead of time. Don’t worry, I’m not that great in the kitchen, but learned a few tricks along the way to make this process a lot easier. You’ll discover this inside of Mass Nutrition.

Like I said, this is not for everyone, but if you’re willing to put in the work then I’m willing to be there for you every step of the way.

You’ll Be Able To Chat With Me Inside The Inner Circle Area

Bonus #3 – Unlimited Email Coaching

Gold ProjectHypertrophy_iProductI’ll personally be coaching you through this entire process. Inside the member’s area, I’ll be in hanging out answering any questions that come up.

I’m there for you. Your own personal coach and you don’t have to worry about paying me monthly like my online clients are doing this very second.

For a limited time, you’re going to have the chance to be a member of Project Hypertrophy and have access to every single phase of training, all of the eating plans, Mass Nutrition plus tons of other cool muscle-building resources all for the low investment of just $147.

And you’ll be able to cancel within 60 days because you’re backed up by my  money back guarantee. It’s that simple.

And To Even Take It A Step Further…

If you complete Project Hypertrophy and give it all you’ve got. I will personally send you a check to get you started on your new wardrobe. I want you to use it to by a new shirt to head out in on the weekend and show off your ne-found muscle growth.

How’s that sound?

So as you can see, you have absolutely nothing to lose except the body that you hate looking at in the mirror each morning when you wake up.

There is zero risk on your shoulders. You have nothing to lose at all. I’m the one taking the big leap of faith. When you enroll, I’ll be there right away to help out with anything. Whatever it is.

And If You Don’t Want To Take Advantage Then I Have A Parting Offer For You

I’m going to be frank with you and pull no punches with what will happen if you decide to click away from this page right now.

Sitting in front of you is something that will change your life not for the good, but for the great. Very often in life, opportunities arise for people to make a change and they don’t even realize it. It passes them by like dust in the wind. But right here, is an opportunity to make that change that you desperately want so badly.

And this change is going to cause a ripple effect for your entire life. It’s these tiny little actions that cause a domino-effect for years to come.

And if you click away, the only thing that’s going to happen to you is more pain, more anger, and more frustration. Whatever you’re doing in the gym will still be giving you the barely there results that you’ve been experiencing for months or even years.

The prime years of your life will pass you by, leaving you in the dark wondering what happened. Why you look the same year after year. Why there has been no change in your body. Just visualize the amount of money, time and sweat that will pour out of your body and your pockets for nothing…

Especially when I’m here giving you the keys to the kingdom. I’ve taken care of all the guesswork PLUS I’ll be helping you personally 1 on 1. This is the solution you’ve been searching for the entire time.

If You’re Serious About Getting Results, Then I’m Serious About Helping You Achieve Your Dream

You’re at a cross roads at one of the most important decisions of your life. So if you’re ready to jump in feet first and finally start packing on slabs of muscle to your frame…

If you’re tired of walking the lonely path and just want the fastest route from Point A to Point B…

But most importantly, you’re done with the excuses and ready to start putting in the work, then click the button below right now and enroll in Project Hypertrophy along with the hundreds of others who’ve joined in the past few days.

The time is now.

Your new physique and your new life are waiting for you.

Click the button below and I’ll see you on the other side.

yes let me in

Regular $697 Sale $397 Today $147

Here is to transforming your body!

Sign Off Take care,


Alain Gonzalez
Author, Bony to Brawny
Author, Max Adaptation Strength System
Certified Personal Trainer
Owner, Muscle Monsters LLC


Still Got Questions? Well I Have Answers…

  • q-iconWill I get all 12 phases of Project Hypertrophy once I sign up?

    Yes! But make sure not to skip any phases. There’s numerous reasons for this, but the biggest one is to avoid information overload and to prevent you from skipping ahead. Each phase was specifically created to build upon the previous phase. That is the beauty about periodization and progressive overload. Two gigantic principles that can guarantee continual muscle growth and strength gains. Deviating away from these 2 principles will lead you down a dark road.

  • q-iconHow often will you be in “inner circle” answering questions?

    I’ll be there pretty much everyday helping you out. How’s that sound? I’m here for you. As long as you show me that you’re an action taker, then I’m going to do everything in my power to coach you along the way. We’re in this game together and I’m excited to be with you every step of the way watching your results and dreams come to life right before your eyes.

  • q-iconIs this program good for a beginner?

    The answer is yes. In fact, it’s perfect for the beginner because of the 12 phases. I wish someone had created a system like this when I was a beginner because I would be so much further along than I am now.

  • q-iconIs this system good for the advanced person?

    Yes it is. Anything new to your body will elicit new found-muscle growth no matter how advanced you are.

  • q-iconDo I need to take supplements for this to work?

    No, you do not. I personally like some supplements because it just makes life easier. But you don’t need them to see results. Most of these bottles of pills are nothing more than garbage in a capsule.

  • q-iconDo I need to belong to a gym?

    Yea, pretty much unless you have a solid home gym with barbells, dumbbells, benches etc…This is not a body-weight program.

  • q-iconHow often will my credit card be billed?

    Your card will be billed once with this lifetime offer! You pay $147 today and you’ll never be billed again.

  • q-iconWill you really send me a check at the end of Project Hypertrophy?

    Hell yea I will! I’m serious about your results and I want to see you succeed in the worst possible way. So if you make through all 12 phases, send me a before and after picture, I’ll be more than happy to send you a check for a brand new outfit or shirt to show off your new body.


yes let me in

Regular $697 Sale $397 Today $147

yes let me in

Regular $697 Sale $397 Today $147

Have Questions Regarding Project Hypertrophy? Email Support: musclemonsters@gmail.com

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