Discover The Simple Progression Method I Used To Add 50+ Pounds To My Bench Press And Achieve An Elite Level 1 Rep Max

Own a copy of the No B.S. system that helped me bench press DOUBLE my bodyweight all while adding slabs of muscle to my pecs…

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What can you expect from the 12 Week Primal Bench program?

If you want round, button popping pecs then it’s imperative that you’re bench pressing some big numbers.

You see, muscle is a byproduct of strength, and unless you’re getting stronger, you’re not getting bigger, period.

Seriously, when’s the last time you saw a jacked dude with a huge set of chest muscles struggling to bench 135lbs?


I’m not saying you should stay under 5 reps and max out every few weeks…

…what I am saying is that unless you’re adding more weight or more reps, you’re not going to stimulate further growth.

You don’t have to train like a powerlifter, but you should always walk into the gym with one goal in mind: do better than I did last time.

With this program you can expect to push your strength to new heights week after week, add button popping mass to your pecs, and do it all without shoulder pain or lifting a weight you can hardly handle.

And yes, these results are typical AND guaranteed!

Why do I say this?

Because the progression scheme and loading methods outlined in the program are fail proof and time tested.

  • Purposely over-reaching to benefit from super compensation.
  • Shocking your nervous system and forcing potentation (instead of fatiguing, you’ll get stronger as the workout progresses!)
  • Aggressively attacking your weak points, without compromising your shoulders (you’ll be able to lift heavy year round, pain free.)
  • Plus much more…

Not only will you notice insane strength gains in the gym without annoying shoulder pain, you’ll discover how to properly train your chest by understanding the biomechanics, while skyrocketing the amount of growth you’ll be able to steal out of your body once you follow these “under-the-radar” techniques you’re about to discover in a second.

Not to mention, bigger pecs = turned on women!

Plus – you’ll not only be strong, but you’ll look strong too!

Okay, so if you’re asking yourself “How can I increase my pushing and pressing strength dramatically, achieve an elite level bench press, pack slabs of mass onto my chest, AND do it all while avoiding shoulder pain?”

Then Keep Reading Below


With this program you’ll discover…

  • A little-known tactic that’ll allow you to increase your bench press strength weekly, without ever having to train heavy (crazy…I know)
  • 1 sneaky training method that will have your strength levels INCREASE as you go through your workouts (the exact opposite of what usually happens)
  • Why 75% of the chest workouts you are doing are hurting your shoulders, overly engaging your triceps, and taking away from most of your results
  • Why training to muscular failure is destroying your ability to perform your best.
  • 1 simple technique or finding your weak points in the strength curve (and then how to strengthen it, fast!)
  • The proper technique for a bigger, better, and safer bench press while avoiding shoulder pain…
  • A strange training approach used by the Germans to spark your CNS allowing you to CRUSH previous PR’s and having you feel like Superman in the gym.
  • And much, much more!

Let me introduce to you...

12 Week Primal Bench Press!


Component #1: 12 Week Primal Bench Press

A simple, easy to understand guide that reveals the most important factors in attaining animalistic strength in a short period of time, a proven 12 week optimally periodized training program, 1 secret German training tip guaranteed to improve your lifts immediately, and MUCH more.

The “12 Week Primal Bench Press” guide provides a very specific formula along with tips and tricks that will allow you to continue to add weight to the bar week after week without ever worrying about nagging shoulder pain or injury…

Component #2: The Primal Bench Press Instructional DVD

You may be familiar with a lot of the workouts found inside the program, and that’s a great starting point. But I am going to tell you right now that the techniques used to perform each exercise are not typical and I can almost guarantee that you’ve never done them like this.

So not only does the guide go over the perfect form for maximizing the big lifts, but it illustrates the proper form for optimal strength gains.

Still Not Convinced?

12 Week Primal Bench is a clear cut, tried and true, scientifically backed system for building an elite level bench press while packing slabs of muscle onto your chest and arms.

With 12 Week Primal Bench there will be no guessing…just a dynamically planned training program proven to get you passed any plateau, all without ever taking a single supplement.

And to make this an even sweeter deal for you – I am including these 3 special value-added bonuses for absolutely NO COST.


Fast Action Bonuses



Bonus #1: 7 Button Popping Pec Workouts DVD

This DVD reveals 7 button popping chest workouts you’ve never seen. These are advanced exercises that will allow you to train the chest using its full functions and from angles you’ve never trained before.

Learn chest workouts that your personal trainer doesn’t know and the pros don’t want you to know about. On top of that, I’ll expose my favorite chest finisher…and once you try it, you’ll understand why you’re chest wasn’t growing before.

Bonus #2: 20 Anabolic Workout Crushers

This is my personal favorite.

This guide reveals 20 of the most threshold-shattering workout finishers. Using these workout crushers is a sure way to overload your muscles and force them into rapid growth. Never question the intensity of your workout again!

Leave the gym every time knowing that you gave it your maximum effort.

Bonus #3: Project Hypertrophy Free Trial

Get a 14-day free trial of Project Hypertrophy, my Platinum membership site. Along with weekly workouts, the entire Lean Mass Meal Plan system and all the meal plans, you’re going to have access to private videos, articles, special guest interviews, supplement reviews, and much, much, more.

This top-notch content is only for your eyes’ and other Project Hypertrophy members. Nobody else. You will receive your own personal username and password to login. We’re a community of like-minded individuals who all take massive action and crave for results. We’re that serious.

Just imagine having access to some of the top minds in the muscle-building world. Being one of the elite few who is always up to date on the latest information.

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Click the Button Above to Get Complete Access to "12 Week Primal Bench Press" for Just $3, Plus Your Free Trial of "Project Hypertrophy" for 14-Days (Then Just $9.99/month), Cancel Anytime. 60 Day 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Why Just $3?

As I mentioned earlier, this is a very limited offer that won’t go on forever. But there are a few other reasons for me practically giving this program away…

  • If I gave it away for free, you’re more likely to skim through it, devalue it, and ultimately ignore the content. If I charge you (even if it’s going to cost you less than a meal at a fast food restaurant) then you are more likely to put these techniques to use and achieve the results you PAID for.
  • If I make you pay for the program as opposed to giving it away for free, this will show that you are SERIOUS about your goals. And serious lifters are the types of people I want following my recommendations.
  • THIS IS LIMITED to the first 100 people. Making it easily available to a limited amount of serious people will likely get me some much needed testimonials from happy customers.

Simply put, if you don’t feel like this program was worth your $3 investment for ANY reason…I mean even if you plain out don’t like the font I used…Then I’ll return your full investment, no questions asked…AND I’ll even let you keep the program as a gift for “wasting your time”.

So what are you waiting for? You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Go ahead and click the “add to kart” button below and start TODAY!

Yeah, that’s right! I said TODAY…no need to wait 5-7 business days for a package to arrive in the mail (if it doesn’t get lost)…instead I have made this program completely downloadable so that you can get instant access immediately following your purchase.

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Click the Button Above to Get Complete Access to "12 Week Primal Bench Press" for Just $3, Plus Your Free Trial of "Project Hypertrophy" for 14-Days (Then Just $9.99/month), Cancel Anytime. 60 Day 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

Here is to transforming your body

Take care,

Alain Gonzalez

Author, Bony to Brawny

Author, Mass In A Flash

Certified Personal Trainer

Owner, Muscle Monsters LLC

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Click the Button Above to Get Complete Access to "12 Week Primal Bench Press" for Just $3, Plus Your Free Trial of "Project Hypertrophy" for 14-Days (Then Just $9.99/month), Cancel Anytime. 60 Day 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

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